Foreign and Domestic Auto Body

Evanston: 847.328.7676   •   Libertyville: 847.367.0909

Since 1983

Things You Should Know

•  If your vehicle has damaged lights, fluids leaking, deployed airbags or seat belts, or loose and hanging parts do not attempt to drive. Please have it towed. For contact information for our towing partners, visit our towing page on this site.


•  You are not required to get more than one estimate for repair.


•  You are not required to use the insurance company’s suggested repair shop. State law gives you the right to choose what shop repairs your vehicle.


•  Repair estimates commonly differ from one another, so ask us why. We will be happy to take the time to explain.


•  We will assist you in negotiating your claim with the insurance company. We work with most major carriers and insurers to provide the best repairs possible.

•  Foreign & Domestic offers a “lifetime warranty” on workmanship for repairs performed at our shops.


•  Our technicians hold various certifications including but not limited to I-Car, ASE, Ateg, and BASF - as well as vehicle specific training such as Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and others.


•  We are always upgrading and maintaining our equipment and continuously training our staff to keep up with our changing industry and technology. We are dedicated to the highest quality of repairs and to the advancement of our industry.


•  Foreign & Domestic tries to remain green by minimizing our impact on the planet. We recycle aluminum, steel, plastics, and other various alloys in an attempt to reduce how much waste goes into landfills. We also use low VOC paints and chemical products.


•  We accept checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.


•  We have rental vehicles on site to minimize vehicle drop off/pick up times.